Spain to Extend Existing COVID Entry Rules for Another Month, Until June 15

The Spanish authorities have announced that the country will extend the current COVID-19 entry restrictions for another month.

Spain previously prolonged its restrictions until May 15. However, in line with the newly made announcement, the entry rules will get extended until June 15, reports.

The news of the extension of the current entry rules was announced by the Ministry of Interior of Spain. In a press release that was issued on Thursday, May 12, announcing the reopening of borders between Spain and Morocco, the Ministry said that the existing rules would continue to apply to Spain’s external land, sea, and air borders.

“The border order to be issued by the Minister for Home Affairs extends all current restrictions on Spain’s external land, sea, and air borders under the recommendations of the Council of the European Union due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19 until 24: 00 hours on 15 June 2022, and replaces the current one, which expired on Sunday 15 May,” the statement of the Ministry reads.

According to this statement, all travelers will continue to remain subject to COVID-19 rules.

The Spanish Ministry of Health explains that all travelers over the age of 12 from the European Union/European Economic Area need to present COVID-19 proof upon their arrival. Travelers from EU/EEA are permitted restriction-free entry to Spain as long as they hold one of the following passes:

  • A vaccination pass which must prove that the holder has completed primary vaccination with one of the approved vaccines in the last nine months or has received a booster shot
  • A recovery pass which must prove that the holder recovered from the virus in the last six months
  • A test certificate which must prove that the holder performed a PCR or rapid antigen test within 72 hours or 48 hours before traveling to Spain, respectively

On the other hand, the Ministry notes that stricter rules apply to third-country travellers. Travelers from third countries who reach Spain for travel purposes are permitted entry only if they present a valid vaccination or recovery certificate.

Certain groups of travelers over the age of 12 who fall under the exemption list are also allowed entry by only providing a negative COVID-19 test result.

Those between the age of 12 and 18 do not need to be vaccinated or recovered from the virus when traveling to Spain. A negative PCR test result is sufficient.

Despite still keeping in place entry rules, Spain has already facilitated some of its domestic restrictions. Spain dropped the mask requirement on April 20. This means that travelers are no longer required to wear a face mask when accessing different public places and events.

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